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T-WASH 705

T-WASH 705 Is heavy duty truck washer for cleaning oil, grease and sludge, specially designed for mining truck units and other heavy duty trucks. It has very good performance, yet formulated with nice fragrant, less chemical odor, safer for paint and has quick-break property for environmental friendly.

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EONSOLV 720 is a mild solvent degreaser for general cleaning. It is most suitable for regular cleaning of spare parts as it will no irritate the hands, odorless, and safe for rubber application on parts.

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EONSOLV 100 is a solvent degreaser for cleaning parts. It suitable also for electrical equipment cleaning. It is a powerful cleaning compound. EONSOLV 100 combines all essential ingredients necessary that cleans, protects, and lengthens the life of machinery in one single, simple, easy application.

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“The best way for you to determine what wash equipment is right for your business is by sitting down with you and ‘getting into’ the details of your operation”.

7 reasons why you have to choose the right wash equipment:
1. Degreaser/ chemical will be more effective and efficient.
2. Easy to use no much […]

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EONCLEAN 900 is a very effective solvent based cleaner and degreaser especially developed to remove stubborn oil, fuel, wax, asphalt and grease deposits

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