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E709 (EONTRIM E709 is a high quality, universal soluble oil which requires low maintenance in even the most demanding fluid management systems. It has broad application in machining and grinding on wide range of materials. The high levels of both chemical and mechanical lubricity in this product handle the tough machining and grinding jobs. The stable and predictable performance of EONTRIM E709 makes […]

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SC310 (EONTRIM SC310 is a high-oil semi chemical coolant. This product provides the cooling, rust inhibition, and wetting of a premium synthetic with the mechanical lubricant and machine “friendliness” of a soluble oil. EONTRIM SC310 is well suited for general high-speed machining and grinding of all materials .),

SC550 (EONTRIM SC550 a high-oil semi-synthetic coolant. This product provides the cooling, rust inhibition and wetting […]

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C270 (EONTRIM C270 is our newest semi synthetic coolant. It is a low oil fluid which meets the needs of the modern and demanding job shops.

EONTRIM C270 makes use of the latest in synthetic coolant formulation and a specially synthesized oil to produce a versatile product ready to meet the demands of the 21st century. This combination of a propriety chemical […]

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