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Water Treatment


EONSURF SF 2129 is a surfactant chemical that clean surface from oil and also could be use to help to recovery oil at old oil fields by stimulating of oil well treatments.

Used EONSURF SF 2129 with concentration 0.5% – 10% base on water flooding up to the produced water characteristic.


EONAMMONIA AR 2345 is an effective ammonia removal for water disposal at oilfield.

EONAMMONIA AR 2345 should be dip in water by semi continuous treatment. 1 ppm ammonia should be removed by 4-5 ppm ammonia removal. The suitable place is at cooling pond or after water fountain.


EONSULFI 1150 is a sulfide/H2S Scavenger specially formulated to remove sulfide/H2S from natural gas  or fluid. It is recommended for use as flow line additive and bubble tower additive in gas production system.

As flow line additive, apply EONSULFI 1150 at treatment  rates between 0.1 to 1 gpd per MMSCF of gas. In bubble tower, treatment […]


EONBAC BC 3810 is a biocide for treating oil field water, especially in sea water flood system. It is most suitable for killing sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) in formation water, injection water, drilling mud, completion fluid.

Application is by batch treatment of about 100-1500 ppm of EONBAC BC 3810 once every week. Higher dosages can be […]


EONOXY OS 5555 is an oxygen scavenger specially formulated to remove oxygen from sea water, river water or produced water. It is suitable for use in oil production system where water flooding is used. EONOXY OS 5555 will protect pipes and equipments from oxygen corrosion

Apply 10 parts of EONOXY OS 5555 (by weight) for each […]

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