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Crude hydrocarbons, as they are produced, contain a variety of contaminants such as formation solids, paraffin, corrosive gases and formation water. These contaminants can create problems in the production process such as corrosion, mineral scale formation, emulsions, and paraffin deposition. EON manufactures chemicals that are designed to mitigate these problems and permit more efficient processing of hydrocarbon reserves.

Hydrocarbons are usually produced in the form of a water-oil emulsion. EONBREAK is a demulsifier that allows oil companies to economically remove emulsified water from crude oil. The waste water can then be further treated with EONCLEAR to remove oil contaminants from the discharge water, making it safe for the environment.

Corrosion can drastically increase the cost of hydrocarbon exploration, production, transportation and refining, It frequently leads to failure of important metal components in these processes, resulting in considerable cost and delay. Corrosion typically occurs in producing wells, pipe lines, gathering system flowlines, vessels, tanks, and pumps. EON produces EONCOR that mitigates this corrosion problem, providing substantial savings in time and money for the oil producers.

Formation water that is produced in association with crude oil typically contains contaminants that lead to mineral scale formation. These scale deposits cause reduction in flow rate, seizure of valves and pumps, loss of heat exchange efficiency, and formation plugging. EONSCALE is a scale inhibitor that will effectively keep the mineral in solution and prevent the formation of scale.

The presence of oil and water provides a conducive environment for the growth of bacteria. Oil-field bacteria, especially Sulfate Reducing Bacteria, produces Hydrogen Sulfide as a by-product of their metabolism. These bacteria can create severe pitting corrosion problem. EONBAC is a biocide that can control the growth of these bacteria and thus prevent pitting corrosion from occurring.

Another group of contaminants are paraffins, which are saturated hydrocarbons that exist in a solubility equilibrium within the crude oil. Changes in temperature and pressure cause the paraffin to precipitate. EON produces EONPAR that functions as a pour point depressant. This prevents the initial precipitation and controls the physical from the paraffin precipitation.

EON produces a complete range of oil field production chemicals, such as: demulsifiers, deoilers, corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers, biocide, antifoam, foaming agent, pour point depressant, paraffin solvent. These products are designed and tested to ensure maximum performance of the greatest possible cost effectiveness.