EONBREAK DM 9647 is a chemical for crude oil treatment. It will give clean water quality, sharp interface, anti re-emulsion and low Basic Sediment & water.

EONBREAK DM 9647 is formulated to break the oil emulsion and give fast water drop.
Using EONBREAK DM 9647, optimum separation between oil and water is achieved at the current process condition.
The processed crude would have a low BS&W and clean water.
EONBREAK DM 9647 is compatible with reverse demulsifier and other treating chemicals.

EONBREAK DM 9647 should be injected continuously into the flowing stream. Possible injection points are; wells that have difficult emulsion, and biggest producing wells. Injecting at the furthest well would also help in mixing and increasing retention time.

The injection rate is 5 – 20 ppm base on produce crude oil. The actual dosage should be optimizing in the field.