EONSCALE SI 5231 is a scale inhibitor specially formulated for seawater desalination.

Very effective for Calcium Carbonate scale inhibition. Will also inhibit Calcium Sulfate, Calcium Phosphate and Barium Sulfate.
Hydrolytically stable up to 260 oC (600 psig). Resist degrading to orthophosphate at high temperature. Stable to acid or base.
Inhibit scale formation by threshold effect and crystal growth modification.
Controls iron fouling and corrosion.

Scale is usually formed where there is temperature or pressure difference.EONSCALE SI 5231 can be used to prevent
scale at seawater desalination where temperature and pressure difference occur. Apply by continuous injection at 10-50 ppm
based on produced water. Optimum dosage depending on severity of scale problem.