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EONSULFIDRIL 1275 is marcaptan scavengers, this product is rapid reaction with lower molecular weight mercaptan. Specialized chemistry with greater reactivity needed EONSULFIDRILL1275.

EONSULFIDRIL 1275 remove of other sulfur species such carbonyl sulfide dan dialkyl sulfides (RSR), EONSULFIDRIL 1275 some removal of carbon disulfide (CS2), The product is stable under storage at normal ambient temperatures.

Use EONSULFIDRILL 1275 1000- 2000 […]

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EONSCALE SI 5231 is a scale inhibitor specially formulated for seawater desalination.

Very effective for Calcium Carbonate scale inhibition. Will also inhibit Calcium Sulfate, Calcium Phosphate and Barium Sulfate.
Hydrolytically stable up to 260 oC (600 psig). Resist degrading to orthophosphate at high temperature. Stable to acid or base.
Inhibit scale formation by threshold effect and crystal growth […]

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EONBREAK DM 9647 is a chemical for crude oil treatment. It will give clean water quality, sharp interface, anti re-emulsion and low Basic Sediment & water.

EONBREAK DM 9647 is formulated to break the oil emulsion and give fast water drop.
Using EONBREAK DM 9647, optimum separation between oil and water is achieved at the current process […]

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Got a problem oil content, turbidity, sand and BS & W as well in your field? If yes, this is really a complex issue that can degrade the quality and quantity of oil production. Let us first examine any losses for each of these issues.
1. The problem of Oil Content
Oil content is the amount of […]

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EONSAND SC879 is a specialty chemical used to minimize or prevent production of sand, fines or proppant from producing wells and to control fines migration in water injection wells. EONSAND SC879 can agglomerate the sand particle without causing substantial damage to permeability.

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