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Metalworking Fluids


The Tramp Oil Terminator™ was developed by Master Chemical Corporation (the originators of coolant recycling) to meet the needs of the small metalworking plant for a compact, portable, high-speed centrifuge, tramp oil separator.

The Tramp Oil Terminator™ will process both water-miscible coolants and aqueous cleaners to remove free and emulsified tramp oils, providing clean and reusable coolants and cleaners. Removing tramp oils (hydraulic oils, way lubes or […]

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The new Portable XYBEX® Coolant Recycling Systems combine the functions and features of two of our most popular equipment designs, the Tramp Oil Terminator™ and the Yellow Bellied Sump Sucker sump cleaners.

Unlike the stationary XYBEX® systems, the coolant no longer needs to be moved by the sump sucker to the recycling system. The entire recycling system is now portable for use sump side.

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Tramp oil has long been recognized as a major source of problems associated with water miscible cutting and grinding fluids. Tramp oil contributes to the growth and formation of:

coolant destroying bacteria
undesirable residues on machine tools and workpieces
smoke and oil mist in shop atmospheres

The results of these problems are:

shortened coolant life
poor material removal rates
poor surface finish and size control
decreased tool and wheel life

Numerous devices […]

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EONCOR CL 310 (EONCOR CL 310 is rust preventive oil that contains corrosion inhibitor and additive.

This product is designed for electrostatic spraying in the continuous steel sheet process. EONCOR CL 310 will form non drying film that protects metal surface against moisture and corrosion. It is excellent as in-process rust preventive for parts during storage […]


Eontrim Nocor E6 (EONTRIM NOCOR E6 is a super concentrated barium-free water based emulsion rust inhibitor that will protect steel, cast iron, and other ferrous part from in-plant corrosion for up to six months. Parts coated with NOCOR E6 have a soft, almost invisible film that is easily removed using mild cleaners.)

Eontrim Nocor S2 (EONTRIM NOCOR S2 is a synthetic, water soluble, […]

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