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Clean 3011 (EONTRIM CLEAN 3011 is a concentrated multipurpose fluids that excels as a liquid parts washing compound or corrosion inhibitor and does not foam even at room temperature in highpressure spray washers.

It will remove light oils and water soluble cutting and grinding fluid residues, and leave a thin rust inhibiting film for inprocess corrosion inhibition for ferrous parts.

EONTRIM CLEAN 3011 is […]

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Whamex (EONTRIM WHAMEX is safe, fast-acting concentrated formula that will save machine cleaning downtime while removing the oily residues, scums, and insoluble soap deposits that reduce coolant life.

EONTRIM WHAMEX is made for cleaning out machine tool sumps and larger systems, coolant supply lines, and coolant recycling equipment.

EONTRIM WHAMEX is compatible with most water treatment (including ultra filtration) and will not degrade EONTRIM metalworking fluids when […]

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2115 AL (EONTRIM CLEAN 2115AL is an aluminum compatible, high-performance, low-foam synthetic washing compound for use in very high-pressure spray washers, de-burring, and water jet cutting.

Advanced surfactant technology provides excellent foam control and tramp oil rejection.)

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