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Gas Treatment


EONCOR CI 1261 is corrosion inhibitor specially formulated with non amine compounds.

Designated to inhibit Corrosion at the sides of distillation column’s trays.

EONCOR CI 1261 can be batch treated downhole, but it is preferable to inject continuously into the flowing stream.

The injection rate is about 10-25 ppm based on fluid. The dosage depends on the severity […]


EONANTIFOAM 2248 is a defoamer for controlling foam problems due to gas content in glycol/amine. EONANTIFOAM 2248 not only destroys foam that is already formed, but it also prevents further foaming.

Inject EONANTIFOAM 2248 directly into production line. It should be injecting 5-15 ppm based on flow rate of glycol/amine depend on produced foam


EONFOAMER 2118 is a is a water based foaming agent specially developed for deliquification. It is formulated from a non ionic surface active agent with high foaming characteristics.

To make a fine stable foam for application use 0.5 – 2% concentration of EONFOAMER 2118. The dosage depends on the field condition.


EONHYDRAT 2693 is an hydrate inhibitor Specially  formulated to prevent hydrate formation on transportation equipment and gas production. It is kind of Thermodynamic Hydrate Inhibitors.

EONHYDRAT 2693 should be injected at glycol dehydrator. It must be injected after the first stage of liquid water separator before a heat exchanger place between the first and the second […]

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EONCOR CI 1818 is a Volatile corrosion inhibitor that can be used to protect top of line pipeline in gas field system.

EONCOR CI 1818 can form a filming from amine base and it will protect the metal from corrosion. EONCOR CI 1818 is very suitable for use in gas field that contain methane, ethane, and […]

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