The cement production process is divided into 2 stages. The first stage is mining limestone, clay, and other materials. Then, the second stage is manufacturing the cement. To be specific, this stage starts from grinding, burning, and so on until the packing. For sure, such long process encounters a number of problems. Some problems we can help to solve are:

1. Limestone and Cement Impurities
Cement dust and impurities shorten the life of machinery and heavy equipment, and they are difficult to clean.

2. Wear and Pitting Corrosion in Rotary Kilns
The loads and heat inside the rotary kiln stabilization ring can cause wear and pitting corrosion if the manufacturer uses the wrong lubricants.

3. Dusty Mining Road
The amount of dust on the mining road is a serious safety problem. Because water is not sufficient to solve this problem, using appropriate chemicals is essential

4. Heavy equipment radiator overheat
Radiator overheats due to scales can cause adverse downtime. It requires a correct radiator coolant to prevent such a problem.

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