Besides the fact that they need to maintain the quality, the food and beverage industry needs to meet ISO 22000 Food Safety standards and acquire the halal certificate. We provide solutions for the following problems in the food and beverage industry.

1.Bearing Conveyor Lubricants

Bearings inside transfer conveyor require grease for food contact (H1) that holds halal certificate`.

2. Scale in Seal Disc Filling Machines

Filling machines in the beverage industry usually have scale problems on seal disc (due to sticking plastic) which is difficult to clean. This problem can interfere with cup closure performance, so the plastic scale needs removing.

3.Expanding and Cracking O-Ring

O-Ring, which is made of rubber and exposed to heat and chemical continuously, can expand and crack. Damage to the O-Ring will certainly disrupt the course of the production.

4.Jammed Filling Process

Filling machine components moving up and down continuously require lubrication. If the lubricant used is incorrect, the engine will wear out quickly and get jammed.

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