The oil and gas industry emphasizes great importance to quality, safety, and the environment. Therefore, this industry needs supports for achieving quality and handling issues having the potential to threaten the safety and the environment. Some solutions that we provide to this industry are:

  1. Oil and Water Quality

    The quality of crude oil can be seen from the content of BS&W (Basic Sediment & Water). To be specific, that the lower the BS&W value, the better the quality. In the mean time, To improve oil quality,  we need a demulsifier or emulsion breaker. Furthermore, the parameter of wastewater quality is oil content (ppm). In this case, the lower the oil content, the better it is because it is safer for the environment. Eonchemicals, in fact, has experienced experts to improve the quality of oil and water in the oil & gas industry.

  1. Rust and Scale Problems

    Rust prevention during the operational process can be handled with the use of oilfield chemicals namely corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavenger, and biocide. Applying coating will prevent rust in terms of pipe preparation. OCTG pipe (drilling, casing & tubing) is made from carbon steel so it is easy to rust. The protection solution is by applying OCTG pipe coating that meets API 5 CT standard. As for the prevention of scale, scale inhibitors is excellent for that.

  1. Oil Spilled into the Sea/River

Oil spilled into the sea/river will disrupt marine/river life and pollute the environment. The solution to this problem is using oil spill dispersant.

  1. Dirty and Slippery Rig

    The rig is the operational site of oil exploration. Dirty and slippery rig floors caused by oil spills can endanger workers. It needs a rig wash with a solution product that is effective and safe for workers and the environment.

  1. Crude Oil Cannot Flow

    Crude oil can easily be frozen making it unable to flow. If this happens, it certainly disturbs the production process. This problem can be overcome by solvent paraffin or pour point depressant.

  1. Fire Hazards

    To anticipate fires in oil and gas companies, Eonchemicals can provide the right solution.

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