Power plant industry is vital in driving the country’s economy. To ensure a good supply of electricity is always available, a maintenance process that does not interfere with the electricity production is needed. Some solutions that we provide are:

  1. Units Burnt Due to Coal Dust Problems

    Electric Steam Power Plant uses low-rank coal which is full of dust. The dust is not only a health problem but also can cause a fire. This problem can be resolved with our solution products.

  1. Distribution or Switch Gear Barriers
    Distributing electricity and electrical connection can meet a lot of barriers. If the problems are not solved, there is the potential for hot spots to occur ignite the fire. Special chemicals are needed to deal with this problem.


  1. Hot flue-gas stack, Peeled Coating
    A carbon-steel flue-gas stack in gas and diesel power plants is susceptible to rust. Therefore, it needs heat-resistant coating so it is not easy to peel off.

  1. Foaming in the Desalination Unit
    Foaming in the desalination unit is a problem for an electric steam power plant because it can produce carryover so that the water produced is not pure. To overcome this problem, use a chemical anti-foaming agent (defoamer).

  1. Cleaning an Electric Panel Without Stopping Production
    Cleaning dust or dirt from electrical panels is highly important. Eonchemicals provides chemical solutions for cleaning without having to turn off electricity beforehand.

  1. PCB Damaged Due to Exposure to Heat and Dust
    In electrical panels, there are PCBs that are under the exposure of heat and dust. If there is no treatment for this, such exposures will damage the PCBs. The solution is to use a PCB conformal coating to make it more durable.

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