The sugar industry must maintain its product quality, considering that sugar is one of our main consumption. Operational costs must also be calculated so that the selling price is more competitive. The followings are the problems in the sugar industry that we can help solve.

  1. Scale in Boilers
    Boilers in the sugar industry are vital for the sustainability of production in their milling phase. The cleanliness of the boiler before the milling phase is needed so that it does not interfere with production. Eonchemicals has a product solution for scale problems, either for preventive or curative treatment.

  1. Dissipated Grease Because of Sugarcane nectar
    The process of grinding sugarcane produces acidic nectar. This acidic nectar causes grease to easily dissipate so that it needs more frequent regreasing. We can overcome this problem with the right grease formula so that it is more resistant to the acid environment.

  1. Abrasives Pump House
    Acidic nectar is also abrasives for the pump house, thus disrupting production. Contact Eonchemicals for a solution.

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