AFC (Anti Friction Coating/pelumas Kering)

AFC 3400 A

AFC 3400 A is a dry lubricant that can protect metal surfaces from wear. It is able to withstand heavy loads, has good adhesion, is resistant to oil or other hydrocarbon content, and also has good corrosion resistance. AFC 3400 A is suitable for permanent lubrication, and it protects...

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AFC 3402 C LF

Anti Friction Coating 3402 C LF is a dry lubricant that resists dust, protects from corrosion, can hold pressure, and can be applied either indoor or outdoor. AFC 3402 C LF is suitable for use on chain compartments, pins, bolts, nuts, etc. Some industries that are potential to use AFC...

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AFC D 321 R

AFC D 321 R is a dry lubricant that functions as a preventive action on chains, pins, bolts, nuts, pistons, toaster guides, car mirror, etc. This product is able to withstand simple dust, so it is suitable for use in indoor environments. Some industries that are potential to use...

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