Boiler Chemicals (Fireside)

Boiler Chemicals (Fireside)

Boiler owners tend to focus only on water condition used for the boiler because on the waterside of the boilers, poor water condition may cause some problems that will decrease the performance of the boiler. On the other hand, the fireside of the boiler tends to acquire less attention; in fact, there are some potential problems that may arise on fireside that can reduce the performance of the boiler.

Fireside-related problems usually occurs as a result of the impurity contained in the solid fuel used. The impurity may cause serious problem to the boiler which would result in more adverse effects. Some problems arising due to impurity of the fuel are:

  1. Slagging on heat transfer surface
  2. High fly ash
  3. Black exhaust fume
  4. Fuel inefficiency
  5. Broken boiler pipe

To prevent problems on fireside, the performance of boiler’s fireside auxiliary equipment like Forced Draft Fan (FDF), Induce Draft Fan (IDF), and fuel supply needs to be well-maintained. If problems persist even though the equipment runs properly, chemicals assistance are needed to prevent problems arise on fireside.


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