EONTRIM Whamex (Wtb)

EONTRIM WHAMEX is a concentrated formula that is safe and has a fast working power to reduce the loss of work time due to cleaning residues, scale, and insoluble soap deposits that can reduce the coolant life. We formulate EONTRIM WHAMEX to clean the engine tank and the larger...

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EONTRIM CLEAN 2030 is a cleaning concentrate liquid with an extraordinary performance to clean iron and steel parts. It can apply for short-term to prevent corrosion in the ultrasonic or dipping washing process. The ability to clean is amazing as it can shorten the washing steps. EONTRIME CLEAN 2030...

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EONTRIM CLEAN IP 2019s is a very low-foam cleaning concentrate liquid. In fact, it is excellent to remove straight oils and coolants from steel, cast iron, and various kinds of aluminum parts. EONTRIM CLEAN IP 2019S works effectively with aluminum, magnesium, cast iron and steel alloys. Additionally, this product...

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​​​EONTRIM CLEAN 2115 AL (Wtb)

EONTRIME CLEAN 2115 AL is a cleaner for aluminum with low foam performance. This product works in high pressure spray washer, de-burring, and water jet cutting. As a matter of facct, it uses the best surfactant to provide foam control and excellent oil rejection. Furthermore, this cleaner is compatible...

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