A cleaner is a liquid or solid product of which function is to clean equipment like the mining vehicles, spare parts, or tubes from various impurities such as oil, machine oil, grease, corrosion, deposit, dust, and other impurities.

The main purpose of a cleaner (washing) application is to support production continuity. The engine that is rarely washed will be corroded. The dirt attaching on friction components will accelerate wear. Corrosion and wear problems would interfere the productivity. Also, the lifetime of the machine and its spare parts will decrease, which means it will be more inefficient.

Regular use of cleaner will facilitate repair or overhaul process. Dirt on machines or spare parts makes it difficult to observe the damage occurs on them. If dirt has accumulated and harden, it requires a long time to clean them. This downtime would be a loss to the company. Let’s say if a downtime occurred on a loader for 1 hour, the loss it poses would reach $10,000.00.

Cleaner application is also needed on the re-coating process of the floor, so it has maximum adhesive power. Besides, Cleaner or cleaning chemicals is highly needed in oil & gas, food, and mining industry.


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