Permanent Coating

Permanent coating is used to protect metal against corrosion and to protect concrete from people activities on it. It forms a hard and strong layer on the substrate's surface, so it can protect the substrate from environmental influence.

This coating can be applied on the floor, tube, tank, metal plate, the structure of a building, casing of a machine, body unit, etc. This coating has additional benefits such as resistant to chemicals, engine oil, and UV rays so that it provides maximum protection.

To acquire optimal result, thorough surface preparation is needed.

Temporary Coating

Temporary coating is applied to protect metals throughout the storage period either indoor or outdoor. For instance, tube coating for oil & gas industry. It's easy to remove this coating so that it will not disrupt the performance of the metal objects when used.

EON coating is capable of forming a layer that attaches strongly on the whole metal surface so that the risk of corrosion decreases. The layer can withstand corrosion within the period of 3, 6 to 12 months.


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