Compound (Silicone Lubricant)

DC 7 Release Compound

DC 7 Release Compound is a dimethyl silicone compound for various lubrication and protection. This product is suitable for the lubrication of rubber, pulling cable, tire mounting process, mold release, etc. DC 7 Release Compound can withstand high temperature up to 204°C, works as an insulator, and protects rubber material....

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DC 4 Compound

DC 4 Compound is a silicone sealant that also functions as a lubricant for an electrical compartment. This compound is suitable for use as a sealant and lubricant for cable connectors, battery terminals, door rubber sealants, switches, O-rings, and plastic materials. It is also used as an assembly lubricant...

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Molykote 111

Molykote 111 is an anti-stick compound and sealant to cover transformer packing and rubber equipment. Moreover, Molykote 111 compound will prevent gaskets from sticking to metals and resist weathering and washing water. Molykote 111 is, in fact, suitable for gasket compartments, o-rings, plug valves, electrical service entrances, and underground...

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