Conformal Coating

Dowsil LDC 2577 D Dispersion Coating

Dowsil LDC 2577 D is a dispersion coating resistant to humidity and extreme environments. This coating can cure at room temperature and the drying process can speed up at 60°C. There are some benefits Dowsil LDC 2577 D. First, it cures to a low stress abrasion resistant film for sensitives...

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Dowsil 1-2577

Dowsil 1-2577 is one-part conformal coating, which means it can be applied without mixing, so the coating result is more consistent. This product will give transparent medium viscosity conformal coating with a firm, abrasion-resistant surface after cure. When Dowsil 1-2577 dries, it will make the surface to be more...

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