EONTRIM C385 (sintetik)

EONTRIM C385 is a premium synthetic coolant for high-tech ferrous materials including stainless steel and Inconel. Some industries using such materials are aerospace, medical, automotive and electronic industries. EONTRIM C385 uses a combination of synthetic Ester technology and non-halogen additive EP. This combination can produce very high lubrication at...

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EONTRIM SC639 (Semi-Synthetic)

EONTRIM SC639 is a semi-synthetic cutting fluid and grinding coolant concentrate which gives an excellent balance between cooling and lubrication. EONTRIM SC639 has an excellent corrosion protection for Ferrous and non-ferrous materials. In addition, it is suitable for such operations as high speed turning and grinding. After  applied, SC639...

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EONTRIM OM350C (Neat / Straight Oil)

EONTRIM OM350C contains good mineral oil and additives made from synthetic ester. This product is excellent for various metal cutting and grinding processes, and it is especially suitable for broaching. Moreover, it is suitable for shaving, honing, milling, and reaming. This product is also suitable for various metals such...

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EONTRIM MicroSol 690XT (Micro Emulsion)

EONTRIM MicroSol 690XT is a coolant micro-emulsion with high lubrication capability. This formula provides a long coolant life and better foam control compared to the semi-synthetic type. In addition, it provides excellent cooling and mechanical lubrication as well as having engine-friendly characteristics. This product is compatible with a wide...

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EONTRIM E709 (emulsion)

EONTRIM E709 is a high-quality emulsion coolant that requires little maintenance even in the most demanding coolant management systems. As a matter of fact, EONTRIM E709 has a wide application in machining and grinding on a variety of materials. Furthermore, The chemical and mechanical lubrication in this product is...

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