Crack Detector

Eoncrack 200 C

​EONCRACK 200C is a white powder in solvent solution. It forms a white coating on a metal surface. The white powder coating will then absorb EONCRACK 200B that is left in the crack. Its formula specifically functions to clarify cracks on the very smooth metal surface.

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Eoncrack 200 B

​EONCRACK 200B  is a dye penetrant that contains a strong red dye and has good absorption properties. This penetrant absorbs well into cracks found on the metal surface. EON designs this formula to be a crack detector that has the power to penetrate cracks on metal surfaces. Hence, it can...

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Eoncrack 200 A

EONCRACK 200A  is a cleaner containing solvent to remove dirt and penetrant on the metal surface. EONCRACK 200A contains a special solvent that can clean dirt and penetrant on metal surfaces. As a matter of fact, this solvent will evaporate completely without leaving a trace.

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