Electronic Conductive Sealat

Dowsil TC-3015 Thermal Gel

Dowsil TC-3015 is a thermal gel that provides good re-workability. Because it is a one-part gel, it cures easily at room temperature. The benefits of Dowsil TC-3015 are that it is re-workable, and that it can cure easily at room temperature. However, if needed, we can speed up the curing...

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Dowsil 340 Heat Sink Compound

Dowsil 340 is a heat sink compound that works as an effective thermal conductor. Dowsil 340 is excellent because it will not melt, has moderate thermal conductivity does not need oven drying system; and complies with MIL-DTL-47111 standard. This compound is designed specifically for thermal coupling of electrical devices...

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