Emulsion Cleaner


EONTANK 600 is a solvent-surfactant mixture specifically for cleaning sludge and oil deposits at the bottom of the tank. EONTANK 600 contains a solvent mixture that can penetrate and dissolve oil deposits, even the thick ones. Furthermore, it contains emulsifier to prevent re-precipitation. EONTANK 600 has a flash point that...

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EONCLEAN 900 is a cleaner containing special solvent. Formulated to remove oil impurities, oil, asphalt, fat that has been frozen and hard to disappear, this cleaner is also good in cleaning oil impurities in the water cooler. EONCLEAN 900 is non flammable, so it cannot not burn. This product...

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EONCLEAN 500 is a specialty formula to clean oil impurities, oil, and grease deposits. In fact, this product contains surfactants to increase cleaning workability EONCLEAN 500 is highly effective in cleaning for general maintenance, automotive, marine and transportation equipment Even though EONCLEAN 500 is safe to use on all...

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