Encapsulant and Gel

Sylgard 170

Sylgard 170 is a black-colored, two-parts, fast-cure silicone elastomer with a mixing comparison of 1-1. Moreover, this product is a type of general purpose Encapsulants. Some benefits of Sylgard 170 are excellent flowability, resistant to fire, and quick cure in room temperature. Sylgard 170 has a low viscosity, so it...

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CN 8760

Dowsil CN 8760 is a 2-part thermally conductive encapsulant. It is suitable for room temperature application. It is also suitable for heat-curable, which can ease manufacturing process due to its excellent thermal conductivity. This product has low viscosity, so it can penetrate the smallest gaps. Dowsil CN 8760 has...

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