Grease Food Grade

Molykote G-0051FM White EP Grease

Molykote G-0051FM is a multipurpose food-grade grease for various lubrications and especially in the food and beverage industry. Molykote G-0051FM is a mineral-based grease with aluminum complex thickener with additive extreme pressure reinforcement. This grease is able to work at high pressure. Molykote G-0051FM is an excellent choice when...

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Molykote G-4500 Multi Purpose Synthetic Grease

Molykote G-4500 is a high-performance synthetic grease combining the advantages of broad operating temperature. In addition, this grease is compatible with various types of materials. Molykote G-4500 is suitable for long-term lubrication with moderate loads at high speeds. Furthermore, it provides higher wear resistance, especially when the processing relates...

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