Specialty Grease (High Temp/Chemical Resist)

Molykote Longterm 2 Plus High Performance Grease

​​​​​Molykote Longterm 2 Plus is a high-performance grease for lubricating metal-to-metal composites. This product is, in fact, excellent to apply on metal-to-metal composites with slow-to-fast movements and high loads. Molykote Longterm 2 Plus  contains many materials including mineral oil, solid lubricants, lithium soap, EP additive, corrosion inhibitor and an...

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Molykote BR-2 Plus Multi Purpose EP Grease

Molykote BR-2 Plus Multi Purpose EP Grease ​​​​Molykote BR-2 Plus is a high-performance grease containing Molybdenium disulfide solid lubricant. Furthermore, this is for metal-to-metal lubrication at slow to high rotation with medium to high load. Molykote BR-2 Plus is suitable for long-term lubrication and able to provide excellent lubrication...

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Molykote G-4700

​Molykote G-4700 is a synthetic grease containing PolyAlphaOlefin (PAO) and Lithium complex thickener. Moreover, this greaseworks well in a wide range of service temperatures in various materials. Features & benefits: multi purpose lubrication; wear resistance; long-term lubrication; and wide service temperature (-40 to 177 C) Applications: lubrication on metal...

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Molykote 55 O-ring Grease

Molykote 55 O-ring is a silicone grease with lithium thickener. Furthermore, it provides lubrication on rubber or metal parts, especially in pneumatic systems. Features & benefits: resistant to oxidation; able to protect against corrosion; wide temperature service (-65 to 175 C); and suitable for plastics and rubber. Application: o-ring...

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Molykote 44 Medium

​​​​​Molykote 44 medium is a synthetic grease with a composition of silicone oil and lithium soap. Furthermore, this grease is capable of working at high temperatures. Features & benefits: strong resistance to oxidation; wide service temperature (-40 to 200 C); resistant to water drift; and suitable for applications in plastics....

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Molykote 3451 Chemical Resistant Bearing Grease

​​​​​​Molykote 3451 is a synthetic grease with the composition of fluorosilicone oil and fluorinated polymer. Besides that, this grease has an exceptional resistance to many types of chemicals. Features & benefits: resistant to oxidation; wide service temperature (-4° to 23°C); and resistant to wash by water, fuel, oil, or...

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Molykote HP-300 Grease

Molykote HP-300 Grease is a high performance grease with a composition of perfluoropolyether (PFPE) and fluorinated polymers. Besides that, this grease provides high capability and resistance to extreme conditions. In fact, HP-300 Grease is excellent for various industrial needs and applications where conventional greases and other lubricants cannot survive....

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Molykote BG-20 High Performance Synthetic Bearing Grease

Molykote BG-20 is a high performance synthetic grease for metal-to-metal lubrication. Moreover, it runs on high speeds with moderate to high loads with exposure to high temperatures. This grease uses lithium complex as its thickener. Features & benefits: the ability to withstand high loads; suitable for long-term lubrication; and...

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