Specialty paste (Assembly and anti seize)

Molykote GN-Metal Assembly

Molykote GN-Metal Assembly Molykote GN-Metal Assembly is a paste containing a blend of mineral oil and solid lubricants like molybdenum disulfate or white solid. When applied, it offers extreme pressures capability, and it is excellent for assembly, running-in, and press-fitting. GN-Metal Assembly is a Molykote’s multifunctional paste for running-in lubrication...

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Molykote GN Plus Paste

Molykote GN Plus Pasta is a solid lubricant paste for assembly and running-in metal components. As a matter of fact, this specialty lubricant has a service temperature of -25°C to + 450°C. In addition, it is resistant to heavy loads and suitable for high load conditions with low speed/low...

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Molykote P-37

Molykote P-37 Molykote P-37 is A Polyalphaolefin (PAO) based anti-seize paste containing solid lubricants such as graphite and zirconium dioxide. Furthermore, It offers anti-seize property that works at high temperatures. Also, it works well on austenite steel and high nickel chromium steel alloy screws. This lubricant is highly pure...

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Molykote HSC-Plus

Molykote HSC-Plus Paste with the base of mineral oil and solid lubricants such as copper (Cu) and molybdenum disulfate. To point out, Molykote HSC-Plus has a good electrical conductivity and wide service temperature. Hence, it is excellent to apply on metal-to-metal composites that requires resistance to high temperatures and...

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Molykote P-1000

Molykote P-1000 Molykote P-100 is a paste with a mixture of mineral oil base and solid lubricants such as copper and graphite. It offers anti-seize properties, and its usage is common for metal bolted connections. This paste has a very high service temperature (-30C up to 650C). As a...

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Molykote P-40

  Molykote P-40 Molykote P-40 is a paste with a base of a polyalphaolefin (PAO) in solid lubricant like white solids. In fact, it offers metal-free composition. Also it works well for continuous lubrication for gears, the vehicle components, and marine applications. It has excellent adhesion and corrosion protection....

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