Permanent Coating


​​​EonTemp 700 is a silicon-resin-based coating that has high heat resistance, flexibility, and excellent adhesion. Furthermore, EonTemp 700 is able to protect metal surfaces operating up to temperatures of 700°C (1300°F) from corrosion.

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​​​EonCoat 570 is a two-component polyurethane coating can produce highly ultraviolet resistant coating layer. Also, EonCoat 570 can protect the epoxy layer for a longer time providing optimal protection. EonCoat 570 can form a layer that is resistant to moisture and is suitable for sea air. Additionally, EonCoat 570 produces a glossy...

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EONCOAT 551 Series

EONCOAT 551 Series is a stronger and more efficient permanent coating application system. Furthermore, this product is a 2-component epoxy coating able to provide comprehensive protection against substrate from environmental conditions. The application of EonCoat 551 series starts from the base layer, which can stick and bind firmly to...

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EonCoat 470 is a permanent coating made from alkyd which can dry quickly. It is resistant to water and protects against rust. This coating is suitable for protecting frame pipes, transfer pipes, iron structures and other substrates. As a matter of fact, EonCoat 470 cures in 2-5 minutes. In...

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