Oil Production Chemicals

Common problems on the process of crude oil production are the crude oil quality that is below the standard, indicated by the high percentage of impurity (BS&W). Impurity usually happens because there are oil resources that have tight emulsion so that it is difficult to disperse. Another problem is freezing oil so that it is difficult to flow in the tube.

The next issue is scale buildup. Scale can decrease the diameter of a tube and interfere with the performance of equipment in the field. Scale buildup is caused by formation water containing much Ca and Mg.

Corrosion also another issue in the oil field. Corrosion can occur on either water or gas side. Corrosion occurs due to some factors namely oxygen, CO2, and bacteria producing H2S.

To resolve the problems that arose in the process of oil production, Eonchemicals provides the solution with the formula oil production chemical formulated for treatment oil, water, and gas phases.


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