Rust Preventive Oil

EONTRIM RPO6BF (Rust Preventive Oil)

EonTrim RPO 6BF is barium-free, non-staining, water-repellent, and corrosion-inhibiting oil coating. This coating prevents crust and works well on various metals. EonTrim RPO 6BF provides corrosion protection for indoor. When applied, EonTrim RPO 6BF provides excellent protection for bearings and other precision parts. Hence, this coating is excellent for parts...

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EONTRIM NOCOR E6 (Rust Preventive Oil)

EONTRIM NOCOR E6 is a water-based rust preventative super concentrate that does not contain barium. It protects steel, cast iron, and other ferrous parts from corrosion during indoor storage for up to 6 months. Parts coated with EONTRIM NOCOR E6 have a thin and almost invisible film layer easy...

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