Solvent Degreaser


EONSOLV 300 is a cleaning solvent that also provides a rust-preventing coating on metal tools, pipes, and machine parts. We formulate EONSOLV by combining special ingredients that will clean, protect, and extend the life of your machine tools. This solvent uses one-step application that is fast and easy. EONSOLV...

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EONSOLV 810 is a specialty solvent for interior and exterior cleaning in the Electronic Industry that cures very quickly. Besides that, EONSOLV 810 is excellent for dissolving rubber into glue under certain conditions in the tire retreading industry. As a matter of fact, EONSOLV 810 formula is safe against paint,...

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AEROSOLV 250 is a solvent-based aerosol cleaner which contains corrosion inhibitor and water repellent. Aerosol system eases cleaning application so that the maintenance gets more practical and easier. AEROSOLV 250 can clean grease, wax, lubricating oil, and other dirt from metal and other surfaces. Water repellent on AEROSOLV 250...

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AEROSOLV 500 is a solvent functioning as an aerosol cleaner to clean bearing & molding area from dust, oil, and grease. Because AEROSOLV 500 has quick dry properties, it does not need any extra efforts like drying it with air pressure. AEROSOLV 500 is not corrosive and will not damage...

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EONSOLV 720 is a solvent cleaner for oil and grease impurities that does not contain aromatics. Hence, it is safe for seals and rubbers. Moreover, EONSOLV 720 is odorless and non-intoxicating making it safe to use for a long time Research shows that EONSOLV 720 is gentle on the...

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EONSOLV 100 is a non-flammable solvent that has the ability to clean greases and oils very quickly. In fact, EONSOLV 100 is excellent for cleaning processes in places with a risk of fire such as the NDT process in the Hot Strip Mill area in the Steel Industry. Moreover, EONSOLV...

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EONSOLV 135 is a clear and colorless solvent-based cleaner suitable for general cleaning. Moreover, it is excelent for automotive, marine, and transportation equipment maintenance As a matter of fact, EONSOLV 135 can remove greases, waxes, and lubricating oils from metal or other surfaces. Because EONSOLV 135 does not contain...

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