Temporary Coating


EonCoat 408 is a dark-colored coating suitable for protecting the surface of the pipe from rust during storage. It is suitable for OCTG pipes/drilling pipes because it can dissolve in crude oil, and it does not clog the pump. Furthermore, it has good protection against corrosion. It cures easily so...

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​​​EonFilm 300 provides protection against rust on pipe threads, tubing or casings during the storage period.  In addition, this product has a high viscosity and contains corrosion inhibitors. Hence, it provides a good protection against corrosion even when storing in the open air. EonFilm 300 is easy to apply...

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​​​EonFilm 240 forms a film layer that can prevent corrosion on the inside of the pipe. It is very suitable for protecting casings, tubings, drilling pipes, or production tubes during storage. EonFilm 240 will attach to the pipe wall and be durable. EonFilm 240 does not contain bitumen/asphalt, so...

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EONGUARD 500 A variant of transparent pipe coating products specifically used to protect the pipe surface from rust. EonGuard 500 is suitable for use in OCTG pipes, both its casing and its drilling, because it has already met API 5CT specifications. EonGuard 500 does not eliminate the marking on the...

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​​EonFilm 101 is an oil/wet rust protector which forms a very thin protective layer on metal surfaces.  As a matter of fact, EonFilm 101 provides optimal protection against rust on spare parts during the storage period. In addition, EonFilm 101 is very economical in price and usage. After application,...

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EonFilm 107 can form a temporary protective layer to protect metal surfaces from corrosion or damage during handling, shipping, and storage. Before using the surface, pull EonFilm 107 dry coating to remove it. Hence, the surface does not need cleaning. To be more efficient, just apply EonFilm107 thinly on the metal...

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