Waterbase Cleaner


EONRUST 501 is a liquid for removing rust and preparing metal surfaces before repainting. It is suitable for application to remove rust on precision spare parts. EONRUST 501 contains corrosion inhibitors and does not damage metal surfaces. Also, EONRUST 501 is excellent to clean surfaces of aluminum, copper, zinc...

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EONDESCALER 505 is a cleaning solution for scale, light cement excess, and rust.  It is very suitable for descaling spare parts, valves, pumps, pipes, and engine fans (impeller). EONDESCALER 505 contains a wetting agent that will speed up the penetration and dissolution of the crust. This product will not damage...

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EONCARB 544 is a water-based carbon cleaner that can remove carbon residue from combustion. In addition, it is excellent in removing varnish, oil, and grease from metal surfaces. EONCARB 544 is a mixture of active substances that can penetrate quickly and have high solubility. EONCARB 544 effectively removes carbon...

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ALKLIN 220 is a surfactant-based powder cleaner specifically formulated for spare parts washing machine. As a powder cleaner, Alklin 220 dissolves easily in water, making it homogeneous when applied. Alklin 220 has excellent cleaning power. In addition to that, this product is incombustible and perfect for spare parts automatic washing...

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RADCOOL 288 is a ready-made Propylen Glycol radiator coolant for a cooling system with closed circulation. In addition, RADCOOL 288 contains anti-corrosion Hybrid, which is a mixture of Organic Acid Technology (OATS) and nitrite. This coolant works effectively for various application conditions. As a result, it prevents the engine...

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