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About Us

Eonchemicals Putra (EON) Ltd. is the pioneer in Indonesia to start the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and technical support for Specialty Chemicals since 1987. With years of experience, EON has developed the technical support and solution to support the industry needs.


An experienced and commited team.

The experienced EON management team is committed to provide quality assurance, health and safety for our employees and being an eco-minded company. We proof it by obtaining the ISO 9001 for quality management certification in 2002. Then the health and safety ISO 14001 certification in March of 2003 and ISO 45001 (replacement for OHSAS 18001) in September 2003.

EON Why Statement

Strive together in creating a better live for all and value for customers


Becoming a company that benefits people around us, By creating the EonWow factor for our customers and employees

Company Values

To achieve our Vision Mission, we always upholds EON values :

Customer focus
Employee care
Continuous improvement

We are close to you

We believe the best way to service you is to always be close to you. With our team of experts, we are positioning ourselves to be ready and reactive to your dynamic business needs. That's why we are present in many places; Jawa, Sumatra, Batam, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara Barat to Papua. We are always expanding our networks to be closer to you.

Our services for your business

  • metalworking fluids

    Metalworking Fluids

    Metal working and machining produces heat and friction that needs cooling and grease constantly to prevent heavy damage on machine and the metal in order to reduce rejects. Together with out partner Master Chemical USA, we produce and provide services for metalworking fluids, from synthetic to emulsion metalworking fluids.

  • Oil Production Chemicals

    Raw hydrocarbon naturally contains contaminants like solids, paraffin, corosive substances, gases and water formation. These contaminants causes problems during the production process such as corrossion, scale formation, minerals, emulsion and paraffin deposition. Chemical production chemical oil materials that we designed is the solution for these problems it enables the processing of excess hydrocarbons more efficiently.

  • pipe coating

    Pipe Coating

    Pipes are prone to corossion and damages while in the production stage, delivery, and storage phase. With a presence in the oil and gas industry, we are the experts in pipe product protection. The EON external coating, internal pipe film and other homogenous coatings is the protection that your pipe needs.

  • Maintenance Chemicals

    Machine maintenance is important for the success of your business operations. To ensure the efficiency, regular maintenance is necessary. We produce the maintenance chemical like an eco-friendly cleaner, residu cleaner, radiator coolant, pressure dust remover,etc.

  • Boiler Chemicals

    Boiler is prone to corosion and scales which lowers factory productivity and causes massive loss to the company. We give the right treatment for every boiler problem for every industry. Not only providing chemical products, we are also committed to give the best services for each boiler problem.

  • Research and Development

    EON has an R&D Department to develop products new and test it overall before handing to the customer. R&D lab, in continuously following the latest technological advances. We have consultants and partners in the United States as well as Europe which provides technical solution. This is to help customers get the best solution.

  • EON Factory

    Our products are produced in the Jababeka Industry District with strict quality control to make sure that each chemical products sent to our customers fulfills specified specifications and is a premium quality. We also regulate our waste diposal to prevent environmental pollution.

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