Animal feed industry should not only improve their product quality but also have an ISO 22000 Food Safety Standardization. We provide solutions for the following problems in the animal feed industry.

  1. Improper Use of Grease
    Animal feed companies that have not yet found the right type of grease will have the following problems:
  • The bearings inside the pelletizing machine will break quickly, so they must be replaced more often.
  • excessive grease consumption (uneconomical)
  • Grease is not food grade, it does not meet ISO 22000 Food Safety standard.

  1. Scale and Corrosion inside Boilers
    Scale and corrosion in boilers will decrease boiler efficiency. As a result, it will cause a decrease in production and increase maintenance costs

  1. Peeling floor coating
    Peeling floor coating will cause many losses (cost, material, time and workforce).

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