May 24,2020 | 01:00 PM | WIB (Jakarta time)
Short Description :
Lubricants are needed in the industrial world to keep from friction between the components with one another.
Most industries use lubricants, including Mining, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Power plan.
Traditionally Lubricant Using Surface Active (Sacrificial) Technology with EP (Extreme pressure) & AW (Anti Wear) Additive, where this technology provides a film layer on the surface of the surface, however, the problem of efficient use of lubricant in the Industry is still common.
Plastic deformative technology is the only technology that Castrol lubricant has, using this active molecular technology that enables it to adapt to changing conditions such as increased vibration.
Plastic Deformative Technology proven to lower the coefficient of friction by up to 30% compared to standard gear oils, helping to reduce gearboxes operating temperatures and actively resisting wear and pitting. In this presentation, we will introduce the specifics of Plastic Deformative technology and how Castrol can reduce costs, increase productivity, and ensure maximum equipment availability.
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