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How Dowsil Silicone Improve Efficiency and Reliability for PCB Assembly

how dowsil silicone


Silicone provides robust protection for electronic modules and devices ranging from relatively simple to highly complex architectures and geometries.

They offer many benefits including durable dielectric protection, strong barriers against environmental contaminants and excellent stress relief over a wide temperature and humidity range.

To sustain their physical and electrical properties over a broad range of operating conditions, silicone protective materials are as well resistant to ozone and ultraviolet degradation and have good chemical stability.

Dow’s silicone protective material portfolio includes a broad range of proven and customized conformal coating differentiations in material as well as the processing and performance-related properties to meet variable customer needs.

Watch now to discover how to boost the reliability of printed circuit boards (PCB) with silicone gels, encapsulant or coatings from Dow.

With a broad portfolio of electronics materials and global technical expertise, we are ready to deliver on today’s needs and collaborate with you on tomorrow’s challenges. Together we can help you achieve faster processing, higher purity, higher conductivity, and more sustainable solutions across the value chain.

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