MOLYKOTE HSC PLUS - Specialty chemical solutions for various industrial problems


Solid lubricant paste; Contains no lead or nickel MOLYKOTE HSC PLUS

For metal/metal combinations that are subjected to high temperatures and frictional contacts that typically for bolted joints, are free from lead or nickel. Suitable for lubrication points with low speeds, subjected to high temperatures and corrosive effects, and also require a low and constant coefficient of friction. As a contact lubricant for electrically conducting components.Used successfully for stud bolts of gas and steam turbines, stud bolts of turbochargers of diesel engines, flanged connections in chemical and petrochemical plants.

Benefit :

  • Can be used over a wide range of temperatures(- 30°C/-22°F to 1,100°C/2,012°F)
  • Enables non-destructive dismantling, even after long use at high temperatures
  • High load-carrying capacity
  • Due to stated coefficient of friction, defined pre-stressing forces for bolted joints can be achieved
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Good electrical conductivity

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