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MOLYKOTE® G-4700 Extreme Pressure Synthetic Grease combines the benefits of a wide operating temperature range and broad compatibility with varied materials. It is thickened with a lithium complex and contains molybdenum sulfide as a solid lubricant. MOLYKOTE® G-4700 Grease can be used to lubricate rolling element and plain bearings, pivot pins, cams, guides, ways, drive screws, gears, splines, and other machine elements

Industri Terkait:

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Benefit :

  • Formulated to provide higher load-carrying capacity, greater wear resistance, and longer service life compared to conventional petroleum-based lubricants
  • Provides good compatibility with most industrial and engineering substrates, including many plastic and rubber materials
  • Designed to handle extreme loads and applications involving vibration and/or shock loading
  • Excellent low-temperature torque

Features :

  • Wide service temperature range
  • Compatible with many plastics and elastomers
  • Meets Cincinnati Machine P-64 and NLGI GC-LB
  • Fully synthetic base oil

Packaging : 

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