Palm oil industry has spread throughout Indonesia. Many of them are located in remote areas, so they have difficulty in getting a quick solution if there is a problem. With the opening of Eonchemicals branch offices in many locations throughout Indonesia, we can provide solutions more quickly. These are some of the solutions we can provide for the palm oil industry.

  1. Scale and Corrosion inside Boilers
    Scale and corrosion in boilers will decrease boiler efficiency. As a result, it will cause a decrease in production and increase maintenance costs. Proper use of chemicals, routine monitoring, and technical service are the key solutions to this problem.

  1. ID Fan Requires Heat-Resistant Grease
    ID fan, as a furnace pressure control, has fan bearings exposed to hot air. Heat-resistant grease is absolutely necessary to give it a smooth operation

  1. Lorry Bearing Stucks for Being Submerged in Water from Jet Cleaner
    Bearings of the lorry used to carry oil palm to the boiling site are often stuck because they are submerged in water from water jet cleaner. Eonchemicals can provide lubricant solutions that are waterproof and heat resistant.

  1. Fungi and Bacteria in Biodiesel
    Biodiesel B20 or B30 is a mixture of diesel fuel with fatty acids from vegetable oils. This causes the growth of fungi and bacteria causing problems on filters and machines.

  1. Patching Pipes/Kernel Tanks Without Welding
    Patching pipes or leaking tanks is generally done by welding. However, it becomes a problem when the leakage sites are difficult to reach by welding machines. Another problem is when the leakage occurs in places that do not allow fire. We can help this problem with a practical patching system without welding.

  1. Slagging in the boiler

    Palm shell charcoal and coal can cause slag (deposit) in the boiler due to imperfect combustion. Slag can inhibit heat transfer, thus lowering the combustion efficiency. Eonchemicals has product solutions to overcome this problem.

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