Seamless and welded pipes are used as support for the oil and gas industry. The competitive pipe industry must be able to produce good, innovative, and corrosion-resistant pipes. Some solutions that we provide to the piping industry are:

  1. Rust Problems on Pipe Threads

    Threads are very important in seamless pipes. Its function is to connect one pipe to another pipe. If rust occurs, the thread will be broken. To overcome the problem of rust on the threaded pipe, we provide special coating products.

  1. Rusted OCTG Pipes During Storage

    In the process of storing and transporting pipes to customers, according to API CT3 regulations, a coating is needed so that it prevents rust occurring on the pipes for three months. However, due to some circumstances, it sometimes needs protection that can last up to 6 months.

  1. Rust Inside the Pipe

    Rust problems occur not only outside the pipe but also inside the pipe. Because of that, the internal pipe coating is needed to protect the inside of the pipe during the storage period.

  1. Slow Curing Coupling Pipe Coating

    Pipe coupling connects one pipe to another. If the coating takes a long time to cure, this becomes a problem because it impedes the delivery of pipes to the customer. We can overcome this problem with a quick-drying coating.

  1. Cleaner Is Corrosive To Threads

    The use of a cleaner is highly necessary, especially before the final inspection, before the pipe is stored or sent to the customer. The purpose of pipe cleaning is to clean the anti-rust or thread compound so that the inspector can examine the thread properly. If the cleaner used is corrosive to the threaded pipe, this will be detrimental. This problem can be overcome with a cleaner formula that is safe for the thread.

  1. Thread Dimensions is Different from Specifications

    Pipe threads are something that is very crucial, so the construction must have a high level of precision. Threads that don’t meet specifications is a big problem that can cause some extent of the loss. Eonchemicals has coolant products to help the process of making a thread with higher precision.

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