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MOLYKOTE® G-4500 Spray

MOLYKOTE® G-4500/G-4501 FM Multi-Purpose Synthetic Greases and MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease Spray are high-performance greases that combine the benefits of a wide operating temperature range and broad compatibility with varied materials. All are thickened with an aluminum complex and contain white solid lubricants. They can be used to lubricate bearings, gears, chains, and sliding mechanisms in food processing machinery.

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Benefit :

  • Formulated to provide higher load carrying capacity, greater wear resistance, and longer service life compared to conventional petroleum-based lubricants
  • Provide good compatibility with most industrial and engineering substrates, including many plastics and rubber materials• Excellent low-temperature torque
  • Being a Lower-consistency formulation, MOLYKOTE® G-4501 FM Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease allows use in automatic dispensing systems
  • MOLYKOTE® G-4500 FM Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grease is available in a spray and can be used wherever a grease in spray form may be desired

Features :

  • Wide service temperature range
  • Compatible with many plastics and elastomers
  • Meet FDA Regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 and USDA H1 classifications for incidental food contact
  • Fully synthetic base oil
  • White color
  • Available in NLGI consistency classes 1 and 2


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