The mining industry can reduce production costs without sacrificing safety and the environment. The followings are some of the things we can help to meet that objective.

  1. Limited Water for Handwashing
    Water deficiency in the dry season can make it difficult for workers to wash their dirty hands. This problem can be overcome with a waterless hand cleaner.

  1. Oil and Grease impurities
    The maintenance team needs a washing unit to see which parts are leaking. Therefore, it needs a powerful degreaser to clean up stubborn dirt. However, degreaser needs to be user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

  1. Coal Fires and Spontaneous Combustion Problems
    The problem that often occurs in coal is the formation of dust and spontaneous combustion. They usually occur during storage and shipping. Eonchemicals has product solutions to overcome this problem.

  1. Workshop and Warehouse Floors
    A proper floor coating is needed to make the workshop and warehouse floors neat, clean, and comfortable.

  1. Corrosion on Rim
    Heat in tires and poor environmental conditions can shorten the life of the rim. If such a situation is ignored, rim procurement costs will swell. Eonchemicals has product solutions to extend the rim’s life.

  1. Bearing Installation Takes a Long Time
    Because it needs good clearance, mounting bearings to the shaft usually takes a long time. This problem can be resolved with our solution products.

  1. Leaking Solar Tank
    Solar is flammable, so we cannot use the welding method to patch the solar tank. Eonchemicals has a product solution for cold welding, which is very practical.

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