The maritime industry prioritizes punctuality. Preventive maintenance is needed to avoid unexpected engine breakdowns. Therefore, this industry needs solutions and anticipation for various problems that might occur. The followings are the solutions we can provide in this industrial sector.

1.Premature Wire Sling Failure
Wire sling failure can break unexpectedly due to uncontrolled wear and rust. The solution to this problem is applying lubricant that can soak into the wire sling.

2.Slippery Floor Hazard
Slippery docks due to oil or grease spills can endanger the crews. Hence, it needs cleaners that are safe for both the users and the environment.

3.Oil Spilled into the Sea
Oil spilled into the sea will disrupt marine life and pollute the environment. The solution to this problem is using oil spill dispersant.

4.Rusted Ship Pipes and Parts
The marine environment causes iron to rust easily. This problem requires a fast and precise solution.

5.Growth of Moss in the Fresh Water Line
Freshwater is needed to cool their ship’s engine. Because it uses seawater, moss and other marine biotas will usually grow so that it covers the heat transfer pipeline.

We can help find a solution to all the problems mentioned above.

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